Holiday Travel & Shopping Tips

Credit card theft and fraud can completely ruin the holidays. As we near the busy time for travel and online shopping, it is important to ALLIANCE that all of our member accounts are protected. As alarming as it might sound, millions of people are affected each year as they travel and while shopping online. At ALLIANCE Credit Union, we try to be as proactive as possible to protect your account from falling victim. So that you can avoid the frustration of having your account locked or shut down while shopping or away, we have provided some tips for how to travel and shop safely as we get ready for the holiday season.

Notify ALLIANCE When you go on Vacation

Notifying ALLIANCE is one of the first things you should do before you travel. This is especially important when you travel outside the state, because this lets us know that we should keep a close eye on your account activity. Notifying ALLIANCE of your travel plans can also help prevent any legitimate purchases you make from being blocked, since we’ll know where and when you’ll be traveling. Calling us at 806-798-5554 before you travel and letting us know when and where you’re going is one of the best ways to prevent any issues while you’re away.

Limit the Number of Cards You’re Using

There’s no need to bring several different cards on your trip if you’re only going to use one or two. Lighten up your wallet and only bring the cards you’ll actually use during your travel. When shopping for holiday gifts, using one or two cards makes it easier to keep track of where and when you’re spending.

Always Keep Your Credit Cards In Sight

This is especially important when you’re travelling overseas. One common way people steal credit card information is through skimmers. Physically being present with your card when making a purchase is one of the most proactive things you can do to protect your information. If you are able to use a chip reader and your pin number, the possibility of theft becomes even smaller. The safest form of payment today is through Apple and/or Android pay. If you haven’t already, set your ALLIANCE card up today!

Frequently Monitor Your Account When You Can

Using our online banking service or mobile app is the fastest way to keep track of your most recent transactions. Make sure to only use secure and trusted internet connections on your personal devices before you enter in any sensitive information. If you spot any unauthorized charges to your account, notify us as soon as possible so we can help prevent any further fraudulent charges from occurring. If you haven’t downloaded our app, it is available on Google Play and the iTunes Store; just search for Alliance CU Mobile Banking or click the links to download now!

Keep an Eye on Your Account After You Return Home

If someone somehow gains access to your credit card information while travelling or shopping this holiday season, it’s possible they might wait several days or weeks before illegally using your information. Be sure to continually monitor your accounts. If you believe that your credit card information may have been compromised, we offer permanent replacement cards at three of our ALLIANCE Credit Union branches:

Main: 8401 Quaker Avenue, (806) 798-5554
Northwest: 1008 Frankford Avenue, (806) 776-0986
Central: 2224 34th Street, (806) 776-0993

Staying financially alert and proactive during the holiday season helps ward off any potential threats to your sensitive information. Simple steps like informing ALLIANCE about the days of your travel and checking to make sure that the sites you use are legitimate can be critical to preventing fraud. Whether you have plans to travel or stay home, ALLIANCE has your back.

Needing a little extra cushion for that upcoming trip? Apply for a Holiday Loan today and check everything off your list this holiday season!