Summer Home Tune-Up Check List

Summer is here, which means backyard grilling and pool side chilling. Along with carrying around that high SPF sunscreen, it helps to be prepared for the summer heat. Use this checklist as a guide to help you knock off some the chores you may have been putting off since spring (or maybe even winter). Just a little tune-up here and there and you and your home will be tip top shape for some summer fun.

  • Patio/Outdoor Furniture: Power wash/clean any dirty furniture, grills, or backyard decorations to get ready for those summer grill outs.
  • Paint: Go do a walk around your home and look for chipping or peeling paint along the side of the house. Over time, your house will naturally have some paint chipping due to weather or just age. Spotting the problem now and touching up as needed can save you money and help the overall look of your home. You know what they say, “it’s the little things that make a huge a difference”.
  • Pool: Before you start belly flopping into the pool be sure to inspect all the filter systems and equipment. Also, don’t forget to treat the water as well.
  • Walk around: Just do a simple visual check-up and look for cracks or signs of wear and tear. It’s better to catch a flaw in the foundation early rather than later.
  • Bugs/Pests: Nobody likes those pesky mosquitos picking at you when you’re just enjoying a nice day outside. Summer is prime bug season and you’ll want to make sure your home is sealed before any pests become a problem. Check for cracks or any way those outside buggers might be able to find their way into your home.
  • Gutters: This is the one time you’re going to want to get your mind into the gutters. Clean and remove any waste that could prevent your gutters form draining properly. With summer showers coming down almost unexpectedly, it’s best to have clean gutters free of debris to prevent any clogging.
Front Yard 
  • Grass: Who doesn’t love the smell of a freshly cut lawn. Cut your grass down and lay down mulch where needed so you can enjoy a nice barefoot summer. It’s important to also remember that a healthy lawn really adds some life to your curb appeal.
  • Address Numbers: Check and see if your numbers are fading away or if they are even still there.
  • Driveway: Look for any cracks or weeds that may be sprouting. A cracked driveway might be a bit pricier to repair, but if caught early that small crack, if treated correctly can be stopped from becoming a foundation nightmare.
  • Windows: Clean windows both inside and outside the house (maybe not with a power washer).
  • Shingles: You’re going to have to be careful with this one, because it involves getting on the roof. Watch out for dry rot or any warpage on your roof. Make sure to also have another person there with you watching the ladder (hopefully someone reliable who won’t leave you up there hanging).
  • Plumbing: Nobody likes a leaky pipe, give a good inspection on the workings of your homes pipes. Look for cracks and fix leaky faucets that could be costing you.
  • Chimney: Since you’re not as likely to be cozying up the fireplace this summer, this is the best time to give your chimney/fireplace a look down. Inspect and clean your chimney as they sometimes carry dangerous gasses from your fireplace.
  • Smoke alarms: Probably the most important on this list is to inspect every single smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector. Make sure they are all working properly and replace batteries where needed.
  • Dusting: Overtime your home naturally will collect dust and debris, especially living in West Texas. To fight the dust collection a simple dusting every now and then will keep your home in tip top shape.
While there are obviously plenty more things that could have been including in this checklist, this is meant as a starting point for you and your family. Get everyone involved in the cleaning process and it will be that much easier. You know what they say, a family that cleans together…has a clean house.

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