Manage Accounts

Save time and enjoy peace of mind. Automatic transfers are easy ways to make loan payments and move funds regularly between your various credit union accounts.

Automatic Transfers

  • Deductions from checking, regular savings, or premium money market savings accounts
  • Monthly or semi-monthly transfers of fixed amounts you designate
  • Automatic transfers are available on any day of the month
  • If the transfer date falls on a weekend or holiday, the transfer will take place the first business day thereafter.

Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit gives you more time to do the things you really want to do. No standing in line to cash your paycheck, Social Security check or other government check. It’s done automatically every month.

sign up for Direct Deposit with the following info:

Alliance Credit Union
8401 Quaker Ave | Lubbock, TX 79424
Phone: 800.687.4328
Alliance CU Routing Number: 311385964
Account Number: Your account number, up to nine digits

Sample of Check


If you need to change your address please click here to fill out the form.

travel notifications

When you travel, go with the convenience and security of your Alliance CU Visa Card.

Below are some helpful tips on traveling with your debit card. Notify us if you're going on a trip. It's best to provide the following information to the credit union before leaving to ensure no problems with your card:

  • Dates for travel (leave/return)
  • Specific country(ies) and/or state(s) location
  • Valid phone number in case we need to contact you
  • Account number(s) and who on the account is traveling

Travel Tips

Be sure you know your PIN for your Alliance CU VISA Check Card so you can get local currency from ATM’s worldwide. To ensure your PIN is always safe, you should memorize it and never write it down.

Make a record of your debit card account number and telephone numbers for reporting lost or stolen cards, and keep it in a safe place away from your wallet or handbag.

Always have another source of payment with you, like a Visa Gift Card, credit card, or small amounts of cash.

Check the blocked transactions list, to make sure your card is accepted in the places you are traveling to.

If your destination is on our blocked transactions list, we recommend getting a Visa Gift Card to use as your form of payment.