A credit union savings account can help you make the most of your savings. These accounts are the foundation of the credit union and make the depositor a voting member/owner. Once you have established your savings account, you are then eligible for any other service the credit union offers.

Savings Account

With a minimum opening deposit of $5.00, you are purchasing a share of the credit union. Dividends are paid monthly based on the daily balance for the month. The account must maintain a minimum balance of $50.00 to receive a dividend. The account must maintain a minimum balance of $5.00 to remain open. Once you have established your share account, you are then eligible for any other service the Credit Union offers.


Savings Account


Save money on a daily basis without a lot of planning. Each time you use your Visa Check Card, your purchase amount is rounded up to the nearest dollar and the extra change is moved to your savings account every day. Every cup of coffee, tank of gas or bag of groceries you buy means more savings for you. No need to plan. No need to transfer. Let us help your savings grow the easy way with iSave. Business accounts are not eligible for iSave. Contact our E-Solutions Center for more details.

Money Market

Money Market Accounts provide better access to your money than a traditional term share certificate. It’s a great way to earn higher returns without tying your money up. Six (6) withdrawals or transfers are allowed per month without penalty. Rates are competitive and dividends are calculated daily and paid monthly. A minimum balance of $1,000.00 is required to earn dividends for Money Market Accounts.


Certificates offer a high-yield alternative to a traditional savings account. A certificate may be opened with a minimum deposit of $1,000.00. We offer terms from six months to 5 years to suit your investment needs. Dividends are calculated daily and paid to your account monthly based on a calendar month. Call the credit union for current rates and yields.


Whether you rollover your funds , directly transfer, or make contributions, we can open an IRA for you. The credit union offers Traditional, Roth, and Educational IRAs. Alliance CU imposes no opening, closing or maintenance fees. An IRA offers security for the retirement years and tax savings for today. A minimum balance of $250.00 is required for IRA accounts.

Junior Savings Accounts

For our youth and young adults up to the age of 17, we also offer savings accounts. These are joint accounts where the minor is the primary account holder and the parent is the secondary. These savings accounts were designed so minors have a sense of freedom, but they also provide the ability for parental supervision over all account activity. It’s another great tool to teach financial responsibility and help shape young adults into money managers.

Youth Account Benefits

  • Requires a $5 deposit to open an account
  • Account earns dividends if balance remains over $50
  • Minor becomes an official Member-owner of the credit union.

Junior Certificates

All Junior Savings Accounts will have the opportunity to open a Junior Certificate. The certificate will have a 2 year term and earn a promotional rate. To open a certificate, a minimum of $100 is required (Max. $100,000). Visit one of our branches for more details.