It's a simple way to fight fraud and frustrate thieves.

If you misplace your card, it's no longer a crisis

Scenario One: You're out shopping and realize you've left your credit card at the last store. You call and they confirm it's there. Next, you go on the ALLIANCE Mobile App from your tablet or mobile phone and deactivate the card so no one else can use it until you pick it up. Scenario Two: You realize a bad guy has stolen your wallet. Now you use our app to cancel both your debit and credit cards permanently so they can't ruin your finances.

Our app gives our Texas members four status choices for their cards: Active, disabled, lost, or stolen. You can toggle back and forth between the first two anytime you want. But if you select lost or stolen, your card will be permanently cancelled and you'll have to contact us to get a replacement. Here's how you go about controlling your card.

  1. Open the ALLIANCE CU Mobile App
  2. Select Menu and then Remote Control Cards
  3. You can control more than one card. So select the card you need to switch.
  4. Select Submit
  5. When you want to change the status of the card again, re-select the card again and then Submit

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