You have nothing to lose but those late fees.

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Because your time is better spent on other things

Your idea of a perfect evening might involve binging on a favorite show or chowing down with friends on some tasty Texas barbecue. Sitting down with a checkbook and a batch of bills is probably pretty low on the list. ALLIANCE can help you cut that monthly chore down to size.

Our online Bill Payer service lets you pay everything you owe in a matter of minutes. Make quick work of one-time charges or schedule payments of recurring bills – like utilities – well in advance. That means you won't miss any more due dates – or miss out on any more fun with your friends.

  • Access Bill Payer through Online Banking
  • Make payments any hour of the day or night
  • Easy scheduling helps reduce the risk of late payment fees
  • No charge if you make three or more payments per month (otherwise, a $5 fee will be assessed)
  • Security safeguards protect your private financial information

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