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Your hard-earned money deserves some extra attention

Your car's fuel gauge lets you know when you're almost out of gas. Your smartphone lets you know when your battery is losing its charge. So wouldn't it be nice if you got instant info when your ALLIANCE checking account is running low? Sure, we can make that happen.

When our Texas members sign up for eAlert, they can receive timely messages from us regarding their transactions. In addition to account balances, you can find out when deposits are ready for your use and checking payments have cleared. You can even sign up for personal reminders about bill due dates and other things, because, hey, you're busy and we have plenty of time to keep in touch.

eAlert Set Up

  • Log into CU Online banking
  • Click on Main Menu
  • Select eAlerts (under Services)
  • Click New eAlert
  • Create alert using drop-down menus

eAlert Maintenance

  • Log in to Online Banking
  • Click on Main Menu
  • Select eAlerts (under Services)
  • Select alert to delete
  • Click New eAlert
  • Create alert using drop-down menus

Maintenance Set Up

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