Spend some time teaching your kids the value of a dollar.

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It's a lesson that will last a lifetime and the tuition cost can't be beat.

These days, $5 probably isn't enough to get your kids into the movies or fill them up with fast food. But it is enough to open a Junior Savings account at ALLIANCE where they can put their allowance money, cash gifts from grandparents, or paycheck from a part-time job.

But we're also looking at the bigger picture here. Just like learning a sport, a musical instrument, or good manners, it's best to start teaching financial responsibility early on. As one deposit follows another, children will get a kick out of saving for something they really want. Parents can take satisfaction that they've taught their kids something that will help them lead successful lives.

  • Junior accounts open to young people age 17 and under
  • $5 deposit to open an account
  • Account earns dividends if balance remains over $50
  • Learn good money-management skills through Zogo, bring in the certificate of completion and we'll deposit up to $25 in the account
  • Minor becomes an official member-owner of the credit union
  • Any adult 18+ is allowed to be a joint owner of the account to help keep an eye on the funds

Junior Certificates

As young people earn a little more money, they can invest in a special Share Account that lets them take another step on the road to becoming a smart saver.

  • One or two-year terms designed for young people
  • Earn a competitive rate
  • Minimum $100 opening deposit
  • Visit one of our branches for more details

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