Access your savings while it grows

Earn at a Higher Rate

Retain Access to Savings

Unlimited Deposits

Up to 3 Withdrawals monthly

Must Maintain a $25,000 Balance

The Liquid Asset Account is a high yielding savings account with a variable rate that allows you to earn a high rate on your money while maintaining access to it.

  • There is a minimum of $25,000 to open a Liquid Asset account.
  • The initial opening deposit cannot be a transfers from another ACU account. It must be a new account or from a Maturing ACU Certificate (CD).
  • Unlimited deposits per month.
  • Variable Interest Rate.
  • The Interest Rate floor will be the current savings rate.
  • Must maintain an average balance of $25,000 to earn the higher interest rate.  Average balance below $25,000 will earn the current savings rate.
  • Up to 3 withdraws per month.  Withdraws after 3 will be charged a $25 fee per transaction.
  • Recurring ACH withdraws from this account are not avaialbe.
  • Not eligible for Share Secured Loans.

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