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Trade School

In order to elevate someone, you must first lift them up. But what happens when you let them go? In February 2020, the ALLIANCE Credit Union Foundation was established to be just that, a foundation upon which people can grow. 

We believe that through Education, Leadership, Empowerment, Volunteer work, Advocacy, Transformation, and Enrichment, we can ELEVATE the lives of the people we serve.

Whatever your age or experience, we support your educational path. With education costs increasing, we provide more than just emotional support. The ALLIANCE Credit Union Foundation Scholarship program helps everyone from graduating high school seniors to college students, and those who are aiming for a professional degree or skilled trade certification.

Everything you need to know follows...

Eligibility Requirements

  • College applicants must have a GPA of 3.0 or higher.
  • Scholarship recipients must be able to provide verification of enrollment.
  • Scholarship recipients for the application year must attend community, technical, university or other educational institution full time.
  • ALLIANCE Credit Union Foundation Scholarships are non-renewable. Previous recipients are not eligible to apply.
  • ALLIANCE Credit Union Foundation Board of Directors and family are not eligible to apply. 

2021 Scholarship Recipients





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