Over the past few years, credit unions have continued to expand their charitable endeavors. From breast cancer walks to food drives, credit unions are notably involved in charitable works around the country. There are some telling statistics from 2015 that shows credit unions’ philanthropic work:

  • Credit unions contributed $1.1 million to the National Credit Union Foundation to support financial capability efforts; and
  • The Credit Unions for Kids program generated about $11 million to benefit 170 Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Credit unions are the 3rd largest sponsor of CMN Hospitals. 

In addition to these charitable milestones, credit unions across the country have started implementing their own foundations. ALLIANCE took notice and wanted to be part of that movement. We are happy to announce that ALLIANCE Credit Union Foundation has officially been established. 

After thinking of ways we could better serve our community, the idea of a foundation was born. In some regards, the credit union is limited on what we can do to serve the community, and the implementation of the foundation breaks down those barriers. We now have a better vehicle to reach the community in ways we might not have been able to before.

- Matt Grannan, ALLIANCE Credit Union President & CEO

Our purpose for the foundation is to ELEVATE people. Through Education, Leadership, Empowerment,Volunteer work, Advocacy, Transformation, and Enrichment, the ALLIANCE Credit Union Foundation strives to offer the support needed to help people grow.