According to the Federal Reserve Board, 44% of Americans can't afford a $400 emergency expense. In addition, close to half of Americans don’t expect to have enough money to retire comfortably. This information is alarming. 

Improving these statistics starts with teaching financial education to our youth. In 2018, a financial literacy test conducted by the National Financial Educators Council found that test-takers between the ages of 15-18 scored an average of only 66%. With most of this age range gearing up to head to college, a strong financial literacy foundation may save future students from signing themselves up for an unnecessary amount of student debt. 

At ALLIANCE, we want our community to have the tools to succeed financially. This is why we offer Banzai, an online financial literacy platform, to anyone in our community. 

Take the ALLIANCE Family Financial Literacy Challenge!

Use your Banzai Certificate of Completion when opening a new Junior Savings Account and ALLIANCE will match up to $25 of the opening deposit! 

Family Financial Literacy Challenge

Banzai isn’t just for ALLIANCE members, anyone can sign up for free by clicking HERE. Through Banzai, ALLIANCE is able to provide:

·        Banzai Junior (Ages 8-12)

·        Banzai Teen (Ages 13-18)

·        Banzai Plus (Adults)

·        In-depth Topic Specific Lessons 

·        Interactive Library

·        Financial Calculators

·        Budgeting Tools

This free educational program isn't just for kids or members of ALLIANCE Credit Union. Banzai includes many difficulty levels from Junior (ages 8-12) to Plus (adults). Once you complete one level, you can advance to the next, and anyone can sign up for FREE. 

Banzai courses use lifelike situations to teach you how to navigate hard situations, like protecting your credit or going through the home-buying process. Banzai games also teach how to track income and expenses with the double entry method. This allows you to visualize financial trade-offs.

The Banzai program is full of flexible choices, it lets YOU take the driver’s seat.

If you are interested in learning more about what Banzai has to offer, or want to sign up for FREE today, click HERE.