Meet Ashley, Vice President of eSoultions at ALLIANCE Credit Union.

Ashley began working at ALLIANCE in February of 2013 as a Teller. She later moved on to become a Teller backup, then Member Services, and now VP of eSoultions. Ashley is passionate about the Credit Union movement because she enjoys the culture. She appreciates how everyone is down to earth and willing to help. “Credit Unions are willing to make something happen that nobody else would. We are willing to take chances on people who are going through tough circumstances.” Credit Unions come in knowing that life happens sometimes and are willing to take a chance on the people who need it most.

For Ashley, a typical day outside of work is one full of time with her family. She has two kids that she loves spending time with. One of her favorite activities with them is movie nights. Outside of spending time with her kids and family, she enjoys going to church.

When asked about who Ashley admires the most, she said her father. She explained how he was raised in a really tough situation and how he didn’t let it shape him and his future. “He could have just stayed where he was, but he took the steps that were necessary to get out of his situation and worked hard his whole life for everything he has. Nothing has been given to him. He is always willing to work hard for his family and never make excuses.”

What motivates Ashley to go to work every day is her team. “Everyone comes from different walks of life and I love being able to encourage them and walk them through everything, whether that be life or work related.”

Ashley has experienced a lot of growth at ALLIANCE. Coming from a customer service background, she expected to know how to handle tough situations but quickly learned how emotional money can be for people. “I’ve always worked in customer service, but this has grown me because I have learned to help people who are very upset because money has a lot of power over people and their emotions.” She also feels like she has grown in her understanding of banking and finance.

Looking into the future, Ashley is excited for the collaboration she will experience at the new branch. “I am excited to oversee new programs, have more interaction at the new branch, and find solutions. As times goes on, I can help launch new ideas and bring on new tasks and see them through.”