Meet Brenda, Automated Clearing House (ACH) Specialist at ALLIANCE.

Brenda started working at ALLIANCE August 1, 1978. She originally joined ALLIANCE because she was referred by a friend for a teller position. At the time she did not really know what a credit union was, only that it is somewhat like a bank. She was currently working at a bank so she thought it would be a good idea to apply. She landed the teller position, and here we are almost 43 years later!


In her years at ALLIANCE, Brenda has taken on many roles. She started out as a teller and then moved on to teller supervisor, loan officer, accounting, accounting manager, VP of Financial Services, and now her current role as ACH Specialist. She has also backed up HR and IT. If anyone knows ALLIANCE inside and out, it's Brenda.


Her current duties include ACH, share draft posting, and wire transfers. Unlike a bank, credit union members are partial owners of the credit union. Since we are cooperatively owned, members do not make deposits but rather purchase shares. These shares earn dividends. So, next time you see extra cash in your account, thank Brenda!


When asked about why Brenda is passionate about ALLIANCE she did not know where to begin. “ALLIANCE is all I’ve known”. She ultimately decided on her coworkers. She has enjoyed getting to know the people who have come and gone over the years, as well as developing relationships with like-minded people. ALLIANCE employees all share a common goal of being the best financial solution in West Texas, and to support our members financially as best as we can! Brenda shares these values.


When asked about Brenda’s favorite word, she said believe. Believe is a perfect word for a credit union employee. A lot of people come to us seeking help through financial hardships. Brenda, and the rest of ALLIANCE, have the ability to help members believe there is a chance to make their financial goals a reality! Being in accounting, Brenda gets to experience that firsthand.