Meet Brittany, Human Resources Manager at ALLIANCE Credit Union.

Brittany began working at ALLIANCE in March of 2015 as an Executive HR Specialist. She will be celebrating 5 years at ALLIANCE this month.


The main reason Brittany is passionate about people helping people. This motto doesn't just extend to our members, but our employees as well. “I am motivated each day knowing that we are making a difference in the community.”


A typical day outside of work for Brittany is enjoyed by spending lots of time with her family. Having a young daughter keeps her busy! They enjoy going to the park, hanging out at home, and watching lots of basketball.


When asked about who Brittany admires most, she said her sister. Brittany views her sister as someone who is mentally strong, and through her own life actions and choices, has been a role model for how to be a good mother. “Also, I admire her positivity and how she leads me in my faith. She gives me peace.”


Brittany loves working in HR because of the impact she is able to make on the culture and growth of ALLIANCE. “We hire employees and see them flourish within the Credit Union. It’s exciting to see employees that we’ve brought in and developed and how they've grown at ALLIANCE. We strive to set our employees up for success!”


Brittany has experienced lots of growth at ALLIANCE. “Over the last 5 years, you look at where ALLIANCE has been, and where we're going; we’ve grown in employees, skills, and as a movement in West Texas. So I would say personally and professionally ALLIANCE has taught me to be better in all aspects of my life.”


Looking into the future, Brittany is most excited about moving into the new Branch. “I am excited to see the next level that ALLIANCE will grow to, and the things we will accomplish.