Meet Clay, Vice President of Accounting at ALLIANCE Credit Union.

Clay began working at ALLIANCE in February of 2013 as a Collections Officer, moved to Staff Accountant, and is now the VP of Accounting. 


Clay is passionate about the Credit Union movement because he believes ALLIANCE provides the best service and experience for our members. He also is a big supporter of ALLIANCE being a not-for-profit financial institution where we give back to our members and the community.


For Clay, a typical day outside of work is usually a busy one. He has four children that keep him on his toes. They are involved in multiple extracurricular activities, so most of his time is spent taking them around town.


When asked who Clay admires most, he said his grandmother. “When I was growing up, she always worked two jobs to provide everything her family would want. She would go without to provide for her family.” From the conversation with Clay, she seems to be a very loving lady.


What motivates Clay to go to work every day is his family, and his love for what he does at ALLIANCE. He said he is one of the “odd ones” who really enjoys numbers and accounting. Clay also gets to see how everyone’s jobs contribute to the whole through numbers. 


Clay has experienced lots of growth at ALLIANCE. Through his roles at ALLIANCE, he now has a better understanding of the background of where the money comes from, and how to use it best for the advantage of our members.


Looking into the future, Clay is most excited about the continued growth of ALLIANCE. “We’ve been growing consistently since I’ve been here, and growth gives us greater opportunities to serve our members on a wider basis.”