Meet Clint, Vice President of Information Technology at ALLIANCE Credit Union.

Clint began working at ALLIANCE in April of 2017 as the Information Technology Manager and later moved on to his current role as VP of Information Technology. Clint is passionate about the credit union movement because of the way we are able to help our members financially and our employee’s willingness to help. “Learning that our profits are cycled back to our membership and seeing how dedicated our staff is to make sure that each member is our top priority makes me excited about what we’re doing at ALLIANCE and across the industry. I will never go back to a bank as my primary financial institution.”

For Clint, a typical day outside of work is one full of time with his family. He loves spending time with his wife and three daughters. “We enjoy playing card and board games, watching movies, painting, and doing anything musical.” When asked about who Clint admires the most, he said his parents. He really admired their ability to successfully balance their careers while also spending quality time with their kids. “With a family of my own, I’ve learned that is a very difficult balance to achieve.”

What motivates Clint to go to work every day is his responsibility to our membership and his team. Being a technology forward credit union, there is always something around the corner that keeps Clint on his toes. He is determined to keep our technology “functioning at its best and most secure.” Clint has also experienced a lot of growth at ALLIANCE. “I’ve had the opportunity at ALLIANCE to work with technologies that I had not used in my past jobs. I’ve also learned a lot about the financial industry, both in general and technological nuances specific to it.”

Looking into the future, Clint is excited about the growth the IT department is experiencing. “We’re a tech-forward credit union, and we already have lots of things on tap for the next year.”