Meet Judy, Vice President of Operations at ALLIANCE Credit Union.

Judy started working at ALLIANCE back in May of 2000 as a Teller. She then moved on to the role of Teller Supervisor and worked under Operations. After being in that role for 17 years, she joined the Accounting Department for two years and is now the VP of Operations.


Judy is passionate about the credit union movement because her love for people and the community matches with the credit union's values. "Credit unions look at people as a whole and meet them where they are in life, which I feel is super admirable." She also loves building people up and has the opportunity to do that every day in her role at ALLIANCE.


A typical day outside of work for Judy is one filled with family. She loves spending time with her husband, two sons, future daughters-in-law, and cooking for them. She also enjoys going to church and giving old furniture a new life. The aspects of life she values most are God, her family, and work.


When asked about who she admires most, Judy said her mom. "My father passed away when I was one year old, and my mom chose to be single ever since. She wanted to make sure her girls were her priority." Judy said her mom's love for her children was tremendous. Being a single mother isn't easy. Judy's mom was able to shower her kids with love by being supportive and making sacrifices for them.


There are two things that motivate Judy to go to work every day – providing for her family and her team. She feels like ALLIANCE is one big family and she has a huge heart for the people she works with. She especially loves getting to work with new tellers who have not had much experience in the banking world. It gives her the opportunity to mentor and give them the tools to excel.


When asked about how ALLIANCE has grown her skills and interests, Judy mentioned our members. She feels like she has learned so much from day to day interactions with them which has grown her interpersonal and banking skills.


Looking into the future, Judy is most excited for the goals she has set for herself in her new role as VP of Operations. Being back in Operations allows her to engage with more employees which is where she thrives. She is excited to further the feeling of community at ALLIANCE and make each department more interconnected.