Meet Roger, eLending Supervisor at ALLIANCE Credit Union.

Roger started working at ALLIANCE in August of 2017 as a Loan Officer. After being here for 6 months he was promoted to Manager of the Southwest Branch and is now the eLending Supervisor.

Roger is passionate about the credit union movement because of his experience with other financial institutions. Before coming to ALLIANCE, he had a background of working at institutions with higher rates on loans and other products. At ALLIANCE, he truly feels like he can make a difference in people’s lives because of our lower rates and better products. “I am passionate about saving people money and being able to make a difference in their lives.”

Outside of work, Roger likes to spend time with his wife of 29 years and his two grandchildren. He describes himself as a big family man and says he spends a majority of his time with family.

When asked about who Roger admires most, he said his father. He was taught the value of hard work and respect at a young age. “He always taught us that you don’t get anything free in this world and you have to work hard for it.” Roger said his dad didn’t just talk the talk, but he demonstrated it through his actions daily.

What motivates Roger to go to work every day is his passion for what he does. He loves being in the lending field knowing he can genuinely help people. “It’s easy to go to work every morning when you’re able to do something you love. I love helping people and I am passionate about it.”

Roger has experienced a lot of growth at ALLIANCE. Coming from a different financial institution, it is a bit different from what he was used to. He said he has tweaked how he engages our members because he is able to offer better rates and products. This makes his job a lot more rewarding knowing he can help our members better than he was able to before. “It is a whole different world at ALLIANCE.” Roger has also experienced growth in his roles at ALLIANCE. Going from a Loan Officer to a Branch Manager, and now to taking on a new department at ALLIANCE is a huge change.

Looking into the future, Roger is most excited to see how much we’re going to grow in the eLending market. “I am in a new role that has kind of been untapped. There is a lot of potential here and I am excited to see where it takes us.”