Meet Shannon, VP of Business Development at ALLIANCE.

Shannon began working at ALLIANCE in 2001 as an Accounting Assistant and has worn many hats since. After starting out in the Accounting department, Shannon moved on to becoming a Member Service Rep, Financial Service Officer, Loan Officer, Branch Manager of multiple branches, Mortgage Lending Officer, Retail Service Manager, IRA Administrator, VP of Operations, and now VP of Business Development.

When asked about why Shannon is passionate about the Credit Union movement, she expressed her love for the philosophy of people-helping-people. “What is so exciting about being part of this movement and ALLIANCE is the opportunity to be a part of changing and improving our community and our members' lives. Here is a great example – you know when one of life’s big moments happen and maybe you don’t have enough to meet what you need – enough money or maybe your car breaks down or you find out you don’t have a place to live – ALLIANCE is there. You don’t have to be perfect – none of us are – we all have a life story – but here we focus on you as a person not life’s bumps in the road. We truly care and our focus every day is to make a difference. We are owned by our members. That stand-out difference changes how you approach every decision you make. We all come together to help one another.”
Shannon is motivated to go to work every day because of the people-helping-people philosophy and the belief that she can truly make a difference in people’s lives. “It is the best feeling every day to know that you were able to help someone.” She also enjoys her team members. She feels like ALLIANCE is a family where everyone is there for each other to learn and support one another.

When asked about how ALLIANCE has grown Shannon’s skills, she did not know where to begin. She learned financial literacy at ALLIANCE and had the opportunity to become a Certified Credit Union Financial Counselor. “I have had so many opportunities to grow and have had the support to learn anything I wanted to.” One of Shannon’s goals is to pass this information along to help the community.

Shannon has many people she admires. She talked about how her family has taught her faith and what truly matters in life. They have also shown her how to “not sweat the small stuff” which she says she’s is still working on. Professionally, she has had many great mentors who have invested in her. Two of these mentors are currently serving on the ALLIANCE Board of Directors. “Both are truly amazing women – two trailblazers who have each served ALLIANCE in so many capacities. To have that wealth of knowledge to tap into is invaluable.”

For the future, Shannon is excited about the direction ALLIANCE is headed and the many opportunities in sight. “My mission is to share who we are, what we believe in, the ways we can improve the lives of the people living in Lubbock and all the surrounding communities.” She is looking forward to building new partnerships and providing financial education and resources for not only the individuals in our communities, but businesses and community groups as well.