Meet Susan, Branch Manager of our Central Branch at ALLIANCE.

Susan started working at ALLIANCE on May 3, 1991 as a loan officer, moved into the collections department and is now the Branch Manager of our Central Branch.


While tasks might change from day-to-day, a typical day as a Branch Manager at ALLIANCE is a member focused one. Susan works hard to keep a safe and friendly atmosphere for our members and employees, assist with any problems that arise, and encourage her team members to meet their goals and grow. According to Susan, the most satisfying part of her job is "helping members meet their financial goals and building relationships with our members."


When describing the atmosphere at ALLIANCE, Susan said "we have created an atmosphere where we treat all members with respect as well as with each other, always keeping doors open for questions, concerns, and suggestions for improvement." This is why she is so passionate about the credit union movement. "We take for people, not profit very seriously in everything we do."


Over the years, Susan has discovered multiple benefits of being an employee at ALLIANCE. Her favorite has been the oppertunity to get involved in community outreach. She is excited about the credit union's vision for offering more financial education opportunities within our community and being able to take part in those efforts.


When telling others about her current role at ALLIANCE, Susan said most people are surprised by what we have to offer. "People are suprised at how much money ALLIANCE can save them with the better interest rates and no monthly fees on checking accounts."


When asked about Susan's favorite motto or word, she replied, "you have the power to control your day." She consistently reminds herself of this as a way to encourage herself to work hard for our members and employees.