Ashley Barker

Brian Riedel

Meet Ashley, Commercial Loan Officer at ALLIANCE Credit Union.

Ashley started working for ALLIANCE back in February of 2015 in the Compliance department. After spending a few months in compliance, she moved to the Commercial Lending department as an assistant, and for the past year has been a loan officer.


Ashley is passionate about the Credit Union movement because of her long history in the banking industry. “I have been in banking since I graduated high school. Going from a bank to a credit union is a lot different. I enjoy the credit union because it is family here. Like they say, “we're for people, not profit” and I really feel like we have a culture here that exemplifies that.”


When talking to Ashley about what motivates her to go to work every day, she said her team and her love for what she does. “I love doing commercial lending. We also have a really good team here. I really enjoy the working relationships I have built.”


ALLIANCE has grown Ashley’s skills and interests in many ways. “When I was working at the other places, I feel like no one really gave me the opportunity to pursue what it is that I wanted to do which is be a part of the Commercial Lending department. So, when I got hired here, working in compliance was awesome and then they took a chance and promoted me to Commercial Lending Assistant. I am glad they took a chance.


When asked about who Ashley admires, she said her mom. “My mom is respectful and a hard worker. She is a genuinely good person.” Ashley looks at the way her mom has carried herself and replicates that in her personal and professional life.


Looking into the future, Ashley is most excited for growth in her role and the department. “My goal is to one day become the manager of the department and to continue to fund loans and grow.”


Meet Brian, Commercial Construction Loan Officer at ALLIANCE Credit Union.

Brian started working for ALLIANCE in July of 2019. He is passionate about the Credit Union movement because of how different it is from the banking world. “I have worked at several community banks and I really like the rates we can offer our members on both ends, deposit and loan side, and our technology is a step ahead of what the community banks are in this area.”


What excites Brian to go to work every day is his love for what he does. He enjoys helping people reach their financial goals. “Most of the deals we do are for professionals that do this on the side. So, this is passive income for them and eventually it will be a part of their retirement program.”


Outside of work, Brian likes spending time with his family. He has three daughters that keep him busy. He also enjoys playing golf and fishing.


When asked about who Brian admires, he talked about his parents. “My mom was the first one in my family to graduate from college. She really pushed me academically. My Dad taught me strong work ethic skills.”


Since Brian started working at ALLIANCE, he has grown his skills and interests in many ways. One of the biggest growths for him has been on the technology side. “I’ve had to learn some new technology, and I have enjoyed that. In our industry, technology is changing rapidly, and you have to learn to change with it.” He has also been able to expand his passion for helping people.


When it comes to the next year at ALLIANCE, Brian is excited about growing with the company. “In the past year we have grown tremendously, and I am excited to see where the next year takes us.”