Uncertain times have taught us to value our time, resources and relationships. This is why ALLIANCE decided to partner with Podium, an online chat service. We want to make one thing certain; whether or not our branches are open, our members will always have an easy and fast way to communicate with us. 

How to use the chat feature:

When you visit our site, you will find a small blue circle in the bottom right corner. Click the circle and a message box will appear. Enter in your name, phone number, and a question to get started. Once you press the send button, an ALLIANCE team member will reach out via text message. It’s that simple.

Types of questions you can ask:

·      What type of loans does ALLIANCE offer?

·      Does it make sense to refinance my mortgage?

·      What is my routing number?

·      How do I make a payment online?

·      What is Performance Checking?

·      Where can I download the mobile app?

·      What time do the branches close?

The possibilities are endless! Since our chat feature directs your questions straight to an ALLIANCE team member, you can ask ANYTHING relating to your banking needs. Browsing through our website and have a question? We’ve got you covered.

What sets us apart from most online chat experiences?

The ability to text. We bring the conversation to a platform that you are most comfortable with – your phone. This also allows you to keep the thread of messages for future reference. Most chat services don’t have this capability; once the conversation is over, the messages disappear.  

How safe is the chat?

Rest assured, everything is backed by a program called Secure Chat. Once an ALLIANCE team member sends you a message, you will receive a text message with a link to join the secured conversation. The conversation will stay active for one hour after the last message was sent. Once the hour has passed, you will be automatically logged out and will need to log in again with another one-time passcode to reactivate the secure conversation. The messages are encrypted, so you can ask us personal questions and know that the conversation is completely confidential. 

Our new website chat feature makes banking with ALLIANCE a breeze. Gone are the days of chatting with an automated system. You get an immediate response from a real person who can answer your questions or solve your problems right away. With a faster way to get questions answered, you can spend less time worrying about your banking needs and more time enjoying the things you love.