History has taught us that electronic forms of media almost always replace the physical format. From paperback books to e-books, CDs to MP3s, electronic media allows us to access what we need when we need it most. In the credit union world, we have transitioned from paper statements to electronic statements. Members are moving quickly away from the traditional paper statements to a more convenient way of tracking their spending. Below are 5 reasons why you should make the switch.


1. Increased Security

Decrease your risk for identity theft or mail fraud. Paper statements are easier to lose during the mailing process. If someone happens to stumble upon them, your personal information is at risk. With eStatements, you have an extra layer of security. Since your statement is sent to your online account directly, only YOU have access to it with your login credentials.


2. Immediate Availability

View your statements as soon as they’re available! Traditionally, you would have to wait for your statement to be printed and mailed to you. With eStatements, you have immediate access to your statement online as soon as it becomes available!


3. Convenient

Are you constantly on the go? You can access your statements whenever and wherever you want. You have access with your desktop, tablet, laptop, or mobile device. You can also download your eStatement for offline viewing and printing if needed.


4. Environment-friendly

Reduce your paper trail. Switching to eStatements saves trees and reduces greenhouse gasses associated with paper manufacturing, printing, and mail transportation.


5. Simplicity

Give yourself less paperwork to sort through and never misplace your statements again. Electronic delivery means less clutter and shredding, and your online account acts as a virtual filing cabinet.


Are you convinced and ready to make the switch? Signing up is easy! Click HERE to enroll in eStatements today!