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Winter Weather Preparedness

As the seasons shift, we are preparing for the ever-changing weather of the South Plains. We explain how you should prepare now for a winter storm later.

Save Your Resolution!

90% of Americans give up on their New Year's Resolution by January 19th. Here's a good resolution: Budgeting and Saving! Read more to get all the secrets on how you can accomplish your resolution with flying colors!

Saving for the Holiday Season

The Holidays are right around the corner! This ALLIANCE Article discusses how you can save money while shopping for gifts this December.

Buying a Car in a Sellers Market

The car market is absolutely insane right now. This ALLIANCE Article discusses how to buy a car in the current climate, and some tips and tricks so you know if you're paying the amount you should.

Anticipating Thanksgiving Supply Chain Woes

November means turkey, sides, and family time. However, supply chain issues will drive prices up to all-time highs this year. This ALLIANCE Article will give details on how you can save money while making the best dinner possible this Thanksgiving.

Tips For Paying Off Debt Faster

Debt can be daunting and you might feel overwhelmed if you have multiple loans that need your attention. Here you’ll find a few tips on paying off your debt faster.

A Beginner's Guide To Credit Cards

You might be asking yourself, should I get a credit card? What are the benefits to having a line of credit? In this blog, we’ll provide you with some benefits of having/using a credit card. Plus, we’ll go over some helpful tips to keep you from having to pay interest or accumulate debt.