Use this service for recurring benefits checks, too.

Because you have better things to do

The eagle flies on payday! With paper check in hand, it's time to drive to the credit union to deposit it. But traffic is snarled and you have youth sports to attend, errands to run, pizza to pick up or a dozen other things going on. Go do them, and use Direct Deposit to automatically deposit your paycheck, Social Security check or other government check. 

Here's the info you need to set things up:

ALLIANCE Credit Union
6219 Spur 327, Lubbock, TX 79424
Phone: 800.687.4328
ALLIANCE CU Routing Number: 311385964
Account Number: Your account number, up to nine digits

You'll also need to speak with your employer's HR department.

Here's where to find the information on your checks:


Download & Print the ACU Direct Deposit Form



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