Pro Travel Tips

Daydreaming about sunny days and long vacations? You’re not the only one! As you begin to prepare for summer travel, don’t forget to include a plan for protecting your finances on the road. Our number one tip for traveling members is just to let us know! If we are aware of your time away, we can better protect your money AND prevent your account from being locked down when we see a weird transaction come through. Since everyone’s a little daydreamy, we thought we’d leave y’all a few insider tips straight from our employees.

Matthew Davis, Insurance Specialist: “When flying to a destination, always keep items you can’t do without (charger cables, medication, iPad/Kindle, etc) in your carry on bag. This way, if luggage gets lost or a flight is delayed, you will still have these items. I typically include a full change of clothes in my carry on as well, so I won’t have to wear the same clothes the following day if something goes wrong. I’ve had a few flights cancelled, and I often hear someone saying to a flight attendant that their medication is in their luggage and they need it. Unfortunately, once the luggage is loaded on the plane, there’s nothing the attendant can do.”

Devon Allen, System Support Specialist: “I would remind members to notify their financial institutions by giving them a travel notice to avoid blocked charges and false fraud alerts. It also helps establish a baseline in case a charge from a remote city hits your card. If you do not put travel notices on your account, the charge is more likely to be flagged as fraud. But giving notifications may lead to better account security.”

Katy Mire, E-Solutions: “My advice, that I learned from my own traveling experience, is to always make sure to pack a few changes of clothes in your carry on! When I went to Naples, Italy my bag went to Milan. For an entire week I was stuck without a change of clothes (I did get to go shopping)! But after that luggage mishap, I always try to be more prepared!”

John Ricker, Commercial Loan Specialist: “I recommend traveling to Atui (pronounced Atu). It is an island in a series of about 15 islands called the Cook Islands. It is halfway between Tahiti and Fiji and south of Hawaii. Atui has a population of about 400 people. There are only two ways onto the island. First by a small plane that fits about 12 people that flies to and from Atui a few times a week. The other way is a boat that comes once a month. This island is so remote that theft is a not an issue because if anything is stolen everyone would know within a day. Locals even sleep with their doors and windows open. Also, these small islands have their own fun currency that includes triangle coins. Overall, it is a unique and amazing place to travel.”

Stephanie Ratty, Mortgage Loan Consultant: “When I travel I only take $100.00 in cash and 2 major credit cards, but I leave debit cards, check books, and everything else at home. I do this because if my wallet gets stolen, I know exactly what to do. I just call the two major credit card companies to cancel the cards and I do not have to worry about fraudulent checks or multiple credit card companies. I am prepared but thank goodness that has never happened. Also, I always travel in groups. Sometimes, I even leave my wedding ring here and wear a rubber ring. I also take a cheap cross body bag instead of my purse.”

We hope you take time to travel this summer and keep us in mind as you prepare. It would be NO fun getting bogged down with fraudulent activity abroad; so, give us a ring and let us know your plans. And don’t forget that with Performance Checking your ATM fees are FREE nationwide!

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