Skip a Pay

Holidays can put a strain on your budget because of the extra expenses. At Alliance, there is a solution to get through it without racking up a huge credit card bill. SKIP-A-PAY is a program offered by Alliance that allows members to skip their November OR December loan payment during an especially tight financial season for only a small fee.

To qualify for the SKIP-A-PAY program, the member must be in good standing, the loan must have a November OR December due date, and the loan must not have had an extension or late fee within the last six months. The application can be found on our website or in branches. The application must be turned in before its due date. A processing fee of $25 will be added to the principal balance of the loan. All processing fees will go to the Alliance Credit Union Scholarship Fund.

Because of programs like SKIP-A-PAY, Alliance was able to distribute a substantial amount of scholarship funds this year. You are part of making our student-members educational goals a reality. Thank you!

If you need to SKIP-A-PAY this holiday season, call, click or stop by Alliance today to learn more.