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Timing can be everything. In this case, you control it.

A Certificate is simply a super-sized savings account. At ALLIANCE, we reinvest our profits each year so we can offer higher rates on certificates compared to our competition. All we ask is that you commit your money for a certain time period, between six months and five years, to make the most of your savings.

Sometimes we save so we'll have a financial cushion in case life throws us a curve. Other times, we're saving for a specific purpose: a major purchase, educational costs, a special occasion like a wedding or vacation. No matter what your future plans are, there's an ALLIANCE Certificate that should fit your time frame and help you reach your goals right on schedule.

  • Minimum deposit of $1,000 to open
  • Dividend rates exceed those of traditional savings accounts
  • Receive a 0.15% bonus rate if you also have a Performance Checking account with direct deposit of $500 or more per month
  • Predictable high yields without any risk of losing your original deposit
  • Early withdrawals could mean giving up some of your dividends
  • Dividends calculated daily and paid to your account monthly
  • Track your Certificate account growth through Online Banking and our Mobile App

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