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Buying a home is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make in your life. Alliance Credit Union wants to help make purchasing your home as painless as possible. Contact our Home Loan Center at 806.776.0991 or click below for more information.

Alerts at Alliance Credit Union

Alliance does pull credit reports through Equifax not only when applying for a loan, but we also pull a credit when opening an account.  The information on a credit report will include name, social security number, birth dates, and addresses. The breech occurred sometime in mid-May through July of 2017. There has been a website set up,, for consumers to check and see if their information was compromised or they can call 866-447-7559 if they have questions.

Online Banking

Alliance Credit Union Online allows you direct access to your accounts. You can check your balances, transfer money, make loan payments and print copies of checks that have cleared your account. All of this from the comfort of your own home. Alliance Credit Union offers FREE online banking for all of your accounts!