These fees apply to checking, savings and other services.


Regulation D is a federal rule that sets requirements on how banks and credit unions manage transactional and non-transactional accounts. Savings (share) and money markets accounts are considered non-transactional accounts. Reg D requires financial institutions to limit the number of withdrawals/transfers by phone or electronic means to six per month when withdrawing from a non-transactional account. Examples would include: online transfers or transfer requests by phone, automatic payments including ACH transactions, checks, and overdraft transfers to your checking account. Transactions by mail, ITM or in person do not count against the six-per-month limit. How does this impact you? Right now, you will not be affected by this change. Regulation D has not been enforced since April of 2020. The Federal Reserve Board could choose to enforce Regulation D again, and at that time we would have to limit withdrawals listed above to six per month when coming out of a non-transactional account.

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