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Financial Calculators

Ready to get a mortgage or auto loan? Trying to save for retirement or simply save up for the holidays? Use these calculators to help you choose your path. 

  • Calculate how much your monthly savings contributions will grow with interest
  • See how much you should be saving in order to enjoy the standard of living you want when you retire
  • Explore what it would take to pay off your student loans early


At ALLIANCE, loans cost less and deposit accounts pay more. As a not-for-profit operation, we turn our profits back over to you.

  • Check out our low mortgage rates
  • See how affordable personal loans are
  • Compare yields on various savings accounts

Direct Deposit

There's no reason you have to drive to an ALLIANCE branch to deposit a paycheck. Tell your employer you want your money sent electronically.

  • Take a voided check to your employer's HR department
  • Get faster access to your money
  • Also works for Social Security and military benefits checks
  • Use ClickSWITCH to set up new direct deposits after you join ALLIANCE


Life is full of the unexpected, so it's best to be prepared. Our partners at TruStage Insurance can help hook you up with all types of coverage.

  • Whole life and term life policies
  • Homeowners, auto and health coverage
  • Discounts for credit union members

Change of Address

Does life have you on the move? Let us know where we can get in touch with you these days.

  • Fill out short online form
  • Make sure you get important mailings from us
  • Let us know about new phone numbers, too

Fee Schedule

We're always for looking for ways to put more money in our members' pockets. One way we do that is to keep our fees as low as possible.

  • See fees for checking and savings accounts
  • View our low fees for credit cards, ATM cards and gift cards
  • Check the fees for money orders, faxes and other assorted services

Applications and Forms

No one loves filling out paperwork. But we keep our online forms short and sweet.

  • Online Banking sign-up
  • Apply to work at ALLIANCE
  • Direct Deposit enrollment, and more


We're not much for keeping secrets. We fully understand that some people will be more comfortable if they know the details of how we operate.

  • Learn more about our privacy policies
  • Read the fine print of our Membership and Account Agreement
  • Truth-In-Savings statements govern our certificate and share accounts

2021 Annual Report

We are the stakeholders in this credit union, and we are all invested in its success. We constantly look for ways to better serve you and are greatly humbled by the trust you’ve placed in us.

2020 Annual Report

We believe in supporting our community
and are proud to have a caring staff
dedicated to the credit union mission.

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