We'll act quickly to replace your card and reduce the risk of fraud.

Here's what to do

As soon as you notice your credit or debit card is missing, call ALLIANCE E-Solutions at 806.798.5554 or 800.687.4328 from 7:30am to 6:00pm, Monday through Friday. Any other time, call 800.682.6075 to block your card from being used. You can also open your mobile app and put a block on your stolen/misplaced card.

After you report your card missing, stop by one of our three Lubbock locations offering same day permanent card replacements or let us know that you would like one mailed to you. We offer same-day instant issue permanent cards at our Quaker, Northwest and Central branches. You don't need to file a written report, unless you've seen fraudulent charges on your statement. Then, our Card Services Representatives will explain how to file a claim to correct your account.

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